Wide LDPE Liners

With an objective to fulfill the ever-evolving demands of our clients, we are engaged in offering a wide assortment of Wide Width Film

We offer a quality range of Wide Width Films that is flexible, cost effective, has high strength and puncture resistance.

These films are used in

FIBC Liners
Silage Covers
Lorry Tarpaulins
Pond Liners and
Reservoir Linings

We manufacture Plastic HDPE Wide Width Films / sheets up to 24 ft in a wide range of colors and a variety of virgin and reprocessed materials are manufactured by us. According to size and thickness the films find a host of application like monsoon covers ( Talpatri ), packaging materials, pond and canal linings, mulching film, green house film etc. With its quality standards the company is market leader in the region.

The development of today's world has wide usage of plastics in the field of- Agriculture, Industry, Infrastructural Projects, etc. In all the above applications, LDPE Film works as an impervious layer. Lining of ponds and reservoirs prevents losses due to seepage. Polyethylenes are one of the most useful indirect Agriculture Inputs, which provide additional potential from the water by preventing the seepage loss. They save gallons of potable and irrigation Water, Helping to bring about a new second "Green Revolution".

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